Gala on “pause” in 2016

Thank you for your tremendous support and positive feedback about the 2015 Gala! From this we conclude that it was the best year yet! Many thanks to our great committee. You really rock! With five fabulous years under our belt, and the “reset” that retirement brings, we decided last spring, that the time was right to put the gala on “pause”.

Highlights of the 2015 gala
  • A 5th year of support for  People to People Aid Organization Canada (P2P) program for children orphaned by AIDS in Ethiopia.
  • A partnership with a second charity, the Educate Lanka Foundation (ELF).
  • Net revenues over $30,000 for a total of $130,000 net
  • The continued support of MNP
  • Our first live auction
  • More space to mingle as we expanded the event to include LUMA and the TIFF Lounge.

Central to both charities are their sponsorship programs. We attended the 2015 American Economic Association Conference in Boston, both attending many sessions including; Developing Hope: The Impact of International Child Sponsorship on Self-Esteem and Aspirations. In studying the impacts of sponsorship both internal and external one finding was that “. . . child sponsorship strongly and positively impacts a wide array of psychological measures in children.” READ THE PAPER  We hope you might consider sponsoring a child or young person through P2P or ELF in lieu of attending the gala this year.

Retirement has freed up time to travel, and we travelled to Ethiopia with P2P Board member Ambaye Kidane and friends of P2P. We toured the country for a month and visited eight different cities and towns. A highlight of our adventures was meeting the young girl we have sponsored for six years and attending the Christmas party for all children taking part in the various programs run by HIDA, P2P’s partner organization in Addis Ababa.

An unmet hope for our gala was that we might get some dancing happening.  As it happened, we made up for that at the children’s party where we were quite exhausted by dancing for three hours at an altitude of 2600 meters.

Gangnum style in Addis (photo, John Chou)


The time involved in organizing a professionally produced event, powered by volunteers is immense. In the fall we hope to examine the feasibility of a Gala. The basis of this will be a strategy enabling us to raise at least $50,000. The first step would be to form a committee of individuals with the passion and determination it takes to bring more Major Gift donors and Corporate sponsors on board.

Ethiopia’s economy has been growing rapidly, but from a low base. Change brings its own challenges AND the country is in the midst of the worst drought in 30 years. More than ever your support matters. From the beginning we have been moved by the resilience of children in the face of unthinkable hardships. While we knew that intellectually, our understanding of this was profoundly deepened by our visit to this remarkable country.

Many, many thanks,

Pat Deutscher & Lynn Kobayashi
Gala Co-chairs

PS. Here’s a blog post about our trip


More fun, more funds . . . our best year yet!



Photographers: Daniel Lessard & Albert Lee

Thanks to the support of many, the 5th People4Kids Gala has grown into a really fun way to raise funds. This year we raised money for children in Ethiopia, orphaned by AIDS and economically disadvantaged families in Sri Lanka.


Special thanks to our Summit Sponsor

2015 Gala Date Announced – Wednesday, May 6th – TIFF Bell Lightbox



Pat Deutscher, Lynn Kobayashi, Peter Wallace, Janet Mason

Gala Co-chairs, Pat Deutscher & Lynn Kobayashi with Founding Patrons, Peter Wallace & Janet Mason (Each guest received  a box of chocolates from Camino La Siembra in their goodie bag.)

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It’s a delight to announce that we are returning to the TIFF Bell Lightbox for our 5th Anniversary year. As well, our core group of Founding Patrons have already confirmed their support along with MNP LLP who have confirmed their Summit Sponsorship for a third year. The gala has raised over $100,000 (net) in funds since 2011.

In addition to our continued support of People to People Aid Organization Canada (P2P), we are excited to announce a special gift will be made to Educate Lanka. Educate Lanka is a non-profit with a mission to empower disadvantaged youth, through education in Sri Lanka. The Founder, Manjula Dissanayake was a nominee for U.N. Volunteer of the Year and was named an “Under 33 Foreign Policy Influencer”.

Tickets $165




Deutscher-Kobayashi Family


Wallace-Mason Family

Howell-Wishart Family

Bernhanemeskel-Kidane Family

Carson-Hamilton Family

Shewangzaw-Affa Family


Hinds-Weedon Family

In-Kind Sponsor

Konnect Communications

VMS Travels

Ethiopian Airlines

Booster Juice

Chris Carbone & Karen Reiger


Rogers Media

Iris on the Moon

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2014 Gala at TIFF a resounding success

MNP-Summit Sponsor

P2P Board Chair (left) with MNP (Summit Sponsor) friends

The gala committee thanks all our special friends for their unqualified support of the 2014 bash at Luma in the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Funds raised brought the NET funds raised since 2011 to over $100,000 to support AIDS-orphans in Ethiopia.

Thank you and thank you again!

Pat Deutscher & Lynn Deutscher Kobayashi, Gala Co-chairs & the Gala Committee

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox

P4K Gala Logo 2014-2.0

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Viva Toronto to Ethiopia! The People4Kids Gala is back for a 4th year at a brilliant new venue, the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Be sure to mark Wednesday, April 30th from 6:30 to 10:00 PM in your calendar, for the great-vibe, got-to-go, gala of the year!

In three years, well over $100,000 has been raised to support the orphan sponsorship program of People to People Aid Organization Canada (P2P). Continuing in the tradition of delectable party food, shopping our Silent Auction and locally-sourced musicians with a world-class sound, we promise an evening that will elevate your mood and engagement in poverty issues in the global south.

So make like a movie star and head to the TIFF Bell Lightbox for this exclusive event. Exclusive, because you will be part of a group of friends commited to raising funds to provide tools, like education, which represent hope for the world’s most vulnerable children.

See you soon!

Pat Deutscher & Lynn Deutscher Kobayashi
Gala Co-chairs

To reserve a tickets or for information about sponsorship opportunities email Lynn at:

MNP returns as People4Kids Gala 2014 Summit Sponsor

New Venue: TIFF Bell Light Box

2014 Date: Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lynn Kobayashi, Pat Deutscher, Lynn Deutscher Kobayashi

Gala Chairs Lynn Deutscher Kobayashi & Pat Deutscher thank Scott Crowley (left) of MNP for their support in 2013

A big thank you to all who supported the 2013 Gala!

Our biggest year yet with over $50,000 raised. A huge and heartfelt thanks to our supporters with special mention to MNP our Summit Sponsor.


CLICK HERE for a sampling of photos from the 2013 Gala (more photos will be added later)

Photographers: John Chou, Steven Deutscher-Kobayashi & Albert Lee of  Albert Lee Photography


Viva Toronto to Ethiopia!



2013 Summit Sponsor

Join us for the 3rd People4Kids Gala at the ROM.

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013


It’s hands-across-the-ocean on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). For a third year the People4Kids Gala will take place, in the jewel-like setting of C-5 Restaurant in the ROM. As spring takes hold and with it our sense of optimism, you can watch the sun set, nestled atop the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal to the sounds of Donne Roberts.

It has been said that Robert’s “grooves are so buoyant, the harmonies so approachable, and the messages so universal that all you have to do is close your eyes and let yourself be moved.” Born in Madagascar, Roberts has immersed himself in the music of Russia, Japan, Egypt, Nigeria, North American Aboriginal peoples and Celtic traditions to blaze a remarkably distinctive musical trail.

Donne Robert’s musical reflection of Toronto’s diversity is sure to be appreciated by gala attendees which includes leaders from Toronto’s Ethiopian community, the OPS (notably the Ontario Ministry of Finance) along with many others who wish to contribute to improving the lives of some of the over one million AIDS-HIV orphans in Ethiopia.

We are inspired by the resilience of these children despite the unthinkable circumstances of their life journey. We look forward to another evening of friendship, goodwill and community with others who seek to enlarge the hopes and dreams of these children. We promise an evening that will lift your spirits!

PLEASE JOIN US . . . in friendship, in hope. . . you are needed!

Pat Deutscher & Lynn Deutscher Kobayashi – Gala Co-chairs

Celebrity Chef Corbin Tomaszeski of Dinner Party Wars , Restaurant Makeover and Crash My Kitchen is the creative force behind our party food. Guests will munch and mingle and shop the Silent Auction to Donne Roberts musical backdrop. Auction items include getaway certificates, paintings by established Toronto artists, photographs, ballet tickets and more. CLICK HERE to learn more about Donne and hear some of his music.

$165 per person
The volunteer committee is hard at work as we hope to *sell-out* for a third year. Every ticket sold brings us closer to our goal of raising enough money to sponsor 80 orphans. To reserve your tickets or for for information about Family-Patron or Corporate Sponsorhip contact Lynn:



People to People AID Organization Canada (P2P) a leader in Toronto’s Ethiopian community, has established a unique orphan sponsorship opportunity by forging cost-effective, high-impact links between orphans and Canadians.


Sponsor Breakfast Reception | Thursday, March 7, 2013

To kick-off the third year of the Gala we are holding a special event to celebrate our supporters. We also invite corporations, organizations or individuals who are interested in learning more about sponsoring the People4Kids Gala at the ROM to contact Lynn:  and we will be delighted to add you to our guest list.

Patron-Family Sponsor $1500 | Champagne Table Sponsor $2,500 | Summit Sponsor $5,000 | Title Sponsor | $10,000 details available on request


Patrons & Sponsors (2011, 2012, 2013)


Peter Fonseca (former MPP & Ontario Minister of Labour)

Joy Kogawa



Ghert-Rousseau Family (Dr. Michelle Ghert & Phillipe C. Rousseau, Partner-Davies, Ward, Phillips & Vineberg LLP)

Howell-Wishart Family (Phil Howell, CEO & Superintendent of Financial Services, Ontario & Karen Wishart, Owner, Consulting Matrix)

Visentin-Kobayashi Family 

Rationeyes Consulting 

Wallace-Mason Family (Peter Wallace, Secretary of Cabinet & Janet Mason, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing)

Deutscher-Kobayashi Family (Pat Deutscher, Chief Economist, Ontario & Lynn Deutscher Kobayashi)

Hinds-Weedon Family

Berhanemeskel-Kidane Families


Rehab Med (Dr. Timothy Deutscher)

Booster Juice

McGregor Industries

Camino (La Siembra Co-operative)

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